Monday, July 4, 2016

The Hebrew Connection

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For the Church of  Synchronology

From the literary journal ELH , Winter 1973

See as well

"The explosion panicked parkgoers and could be heard nearby
at the Orthodox Fifth Avenue Synagogue, where the funeral for
Nobel laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel was underway.
Police said they do not think the blast was targeting the funeral."

Justin Jouvenal in The Washington Post , 7:01 PM ET
     on July 3, 2016

Also, from Mark Helprin's In Sunlight and in Shadow ,
a passage linked to here on August 30, 2013

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sacramental Geometry:

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The Dreaming Jewels  continued

" the icosahedron and dodecahedron have the same properties
of symmetry. For the centres of the twenty faces of an icosahedron
may be joined to form a regular dodecahedron, and conversely, the
twelve vertices of an icosahedron can be placed at the centres
of the faces of a suitable dodecahedron. Thus the icosahedral and
dodecahedral groups are identical
 , and either solid may be used to
examine the nature of the group elements."

— Walter Ledermann, Introduction to the Theory
of Finite Groups
  (Oliver and Boyd, 1949, p. 93)

Salvador Dali, The Sacrament of the Last Supper

Omar Sharif and Gregory Peck in Behold a Pale Horse

Above: soccer-ball geometry.
              See also

             See as well
"In Sunlight and in Shadow."

Monday, September 23, 2013

For Danny Boy

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"… It raced down the gossamer curtain of Its webbing,
a nightmare Spider from beyond time and space,
a Spider from beyond the fevered imaginings of
whatever inmates may live in the deepest depths of hell.
No, Bill thought coldly, not a Spider either, not really,
but this shape isn’t one It picked out of our minds;
it’s just the closest our minds can come to
        (the deadlights)
        whatever It really is.

Stephen King, It  (Sept. 15, 1986)

Related horror by Fritz Leiber—

"The Mind Spider" and "Damnation Morning."

Related fiction by Mark Helprin—

In Sunlight and in Shadow .

As a perceptive reviewer has noted, Helprin's title is
almost  a verse from the song "Danny Boy."

See, too, the Danny Boy of The Shining ,
who returns tomorrow in a sequel, Doctor Sleep .

"The summer's gone and all the roses falling…."

Friday, August 30, 2013


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Londonderry Air

"By recalling the past and freezing the present
he could open the gates of time…."

— Mark Helprin,  In Sunlight and in Shadow

Friday, January 25, 2013


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"I decided that there was a public Elise
and a private Elise, and they're not necessarily
the same person." — Amy Adams interview
on the 2005 film "Standing Still"

A division between public and private, from
"Standing Still"—

IMAGE- The perception of doors in 'Standing Still'

User review at IMDb:

"This movie reminded me of The Big Chill
(which I also loved)…."

See, too, a different door and a different Elise
in a post from Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013

Also from that post—

"By recalling the past and freezing the present
he could open the gates of time…."

— Mark Helprin, In Sunlight and in Shadow

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Für Elise

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Elise in "The Adjustment Bureau" (release date: March 4, 2011)—

IMAGE- The perception of doors in 'The Adjustment Bureau'

A quote for this unlikely pair:

"Harry decides his chief peacetime duty is to use his
gift for gab to further his 'overriding purpose,' namely:
'By recalling the past and freezing the present he could
open the gates of time and through them see all
allegedly sequential things as a single masterwork
with neither boundaries nor divisions.' Once he opens
these gates, Harry will flood his audience with his
redemptive epiphanic impression that 'the world was
saturated with love.' "

Liesl Schillinger, review of Mark Helprin's novel
In Sunlight and in Shadow  in The New York Times ,
Oct. 5, 2012

A more realistic pair: Chuck Schumer and Iris Weinshall.

See also Adjustment Team (Wikipedia) and Gnostic Dick (Log24).

For some more-serious material, see another review by Schillnger
in a Log24 post of August 17, 2006— Special Topics

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