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The Belicic Problem

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IMAGE- NY Times opinion column on intelligence by Andrew Rosenthal

From the comments:

IMAGE- NY Times comment, apparently by mathematician Thomas Zaslavsky, in reply to comment by fictional character Jack Belicic

Click "Zaslavsky" above for some background from Binghamton.

For some background from Santa Mira, see

The Cacophony Cafe:

The story takes place in the fictional Santa Mira, California
where Dr. Miles Bennell (Kevin McCarthy) is soon overrun
by several patients claiming that their loved ones are imposters.
Thus, a panic is set off as the doctor and his friend Jack Belicic
(King Donovan) try to find the answer to the issue at the hand.
What they discover is that somehow people have been replaced
by aliens, who are incubated in pea pods, from space.

Monday, September 13, 2010


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In memory of Kevin McCarthy, who died on Saturday, September 11

From a 9/11 post

Anthony Hopkins at Dolly's Little Diner in Slipstream

Sir Anthony Hopkins in "Slipstream." See "Home from Home."

From Script-O-Rama, dialogue from "Slipstream" —

My God, this place
must be a million years old.

Will that be it, sweetie?

I think this gentleman's next.

No, sir. You're next.

Thank you.

That'll be $1.35.



That's all?

Did you want to pay more?

No, it's just so cheap.

That's the way it is out here,
sweetie, free and easy.

Yes, sirree, home on the range
where the buffalo roam,
The deer and the antelope play.

Dolly's Little Diner.
Home from home.

Home from home.

See also "Kevin McCarthy" in this journal.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday February 15, 2008

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Black monolith, 1x4x9

“Many dreams have been
brought to your doorstep.
They just lie there
 and they die there.”

Lyricist Ray Evans,
who died at 92
   one year ago today

Associated Press –
Today in History
Thought for Today:

“Like all dreamers I confuse
 disenchantment with truth.”
–Jean-Paul Sartre

The Return of the Author, by Eugen Simion:

On Sartre’s Les Mots

“Writing helps him find his own place within this vast comedy. He does not take to writing seriously yet, but he is eager to write books in order to escape the comedy he has been compelled to take part in.

The craft of writing appeared to me as an adult activity, so ponderously serious, so trifling, and, at bottom, so lacking in interest that I didn’t doubt for a moment that it was in store for me. I said to myself both ‘that’s all it is’ and ‘I am gifted.’ Like all dreamers, I confused disenchantment with truth.”

This is given in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (1999) as

Like all dreamers, I mistook disenchantment for truth.

Also from the AP’s
Today in History

Today’s Birthdays:
Actor Kevin McCarthy is 94.

Related material:

Hopkins at Heaven’s Gate
  (In context: October 2007)–

Anthony Hopkins at Dolly's Little Diner in Slipstream

“Dolly’s Little Diner–
Home from Home”

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