Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Painting the News

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"His paintings weren’t a kind of art.
They seemed to present themselves as
art in essence, immaculately conceived.
They made me feel, precisely, dumb,
with nothing to say."

— Peter Schjeldahl today on the late
    Ellsworth Kelly

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul  continues 

 "He must know somethin',
   but don't say nothin'."

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday November 10, 2006

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On this date:

In 1871, journalist-explorer Henry M. Stanley found Scottish missionary David Livingstone, who had not been heard from for years, near Lake Tanganyika in central Africa.

— AP “Today in History,” Nov. 10

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The history
of Princeton’s
Witherspoon Street
Presbyterian Church

1 Peter 2, on the
“living stone.”
NIV Bible

“Counter-change is
sometimes known as
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.”
 — Helen Kelley Patchwork

Paul Robeson in
King Solomon’s


See also Wednesday’s
Grave Matters.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday October 24, 2006

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Robbing Peter
to Pay Paul

Serious Numbers:

PA lottery Oct. 23, 2006

"Paul must not have been
talking about time
in a linear way."

— Sermon at Nassau Church,
Princeton, New Jersey,
Christmas Eve, 2004

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Saturday, November 1, 2003

Saturday November 1, 2003

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Symmetry in Diamond Theory:
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

"Groups arise in most areas of pure and applied mathematics, usually as a set of operators or transformations of some structure. The appearance of a group generally reflects some kind of symmetry in the object under study, and such symmetry may be considered one of the fundamental notions of mathematics."

Peter Webb

"Counter-change is sometimes known as Robbing Peter to Pay Paul."

Helen Kelley Patchwork

Paul Robeson in
King Solomon's


For a look at the Soviet approach
to counterchange symmetry, see

The Kishinev School of Discrete Geometry.

The larger cultural context:

See War of Ideas (Oct. 24),
The Hunt for Red October (Oct. 25),
On the Left (Oct. 25), and
ART WARS for Trotsky's Birthday (Oct. 26).

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