Friday, June 12, 2015


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Was ist Raum, wie können wir ihn
erfassen und gestalten?”

Walter Gropius,

The Theory and
Organization of the

This post was suggested by the Bauhaus song
"Bela Lugosi's Dead" at the beginning of the
1983 Tony Scott classic "The Hunger."


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"Now we're partners in crime" — Ace of Base, "The Golden Ratio"

Or not.

"The Hunger" (1983) was directed by Tony Scott.

See also Tony Scott in this journal.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Code of Beauty

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Dialogue from “Django Unchained” —

“What’s a bounty?” “It’s like a reward.”

Today’s noon post links to posts on Tony Scott
that in turn lead to…

A post from June 27, 2005
the date of Domino Harvey‘s death.

A link at the end of that  post leads to…

“Dr. Chandra?” “Yes?” “Will I dream?”

See also…

Vikram Chandra, Geek Sublime:
The Beauty of Code, the Code of Beauty

Selfie Sequel

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This post is a sequel to Pythagorean Selfie (Sept. 30, 2014)
and October Nine: Lyche at Bodø.

Today’s Instagram photos from Josefine Lyche, still at Bodø:

The figure at left appears to be diving. This suggests a review of posts on
the late film director Tony Scott.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Digital Recreation

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Denzel Washington in Deja Vu  (2006), directed by Tony Scott

Click to enlarge.

IMAGE- Denzel Washington in 'Deja Vu' (2006)

See also Tony Scott and four and a half days ago* —

Japanese character
       for "field"

Related material from five  days ago

"At the point of convergence
the play of similarities and differences
cancels itself out in order that 
identity alone may shine forth. 
The illusion of motionlessness,
the play of mirrors of the one: 
identity is completely empty;
it is a crystallization and
in its transparent core
the movement of analogy 
begins all over once again."

— The Monkey Grammarian 

by Octavio Paz, translated by 
Helen Lane (Kindle edition of 
2011-11-07, Kindle locations 

* More precisely, what will be 4.5 days ago at 3:09 AM ET.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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Last night's 2:01 AM post suggests …

Inaction Film

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It could be worse.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Extended Metaphor

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The Washington Post  on yesterday's presidential Sunday—

"Accompanied by his wife, Michelle, and daughters
Sasha and Malia on the mild, overcast morning,
Obama walked through Lafayette Square
to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

The Rev. Michael Angell delivered a sermon
from John 6 about the extended metaphor
of eating Jesus’ flesh….

The Obamas, all wearing shades of blue,
participated in Holy Communion before
motorcading back to the White House."

In related news—

" We praised him and then we ate him,
all courtesy of a generous catering budget
from film director Tony Scott."

— "Death in the Center Ring:
      Timothy Leary's High Dive,"
      by Douglas Rushkoff, May 13, 2008

See also…

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