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True Grid (continued)

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For material related to the Dec. 29, 2010, posts Toy Stories and True Grid

See Theological Points of Tron: Legacy, by the anonymous blogger hilbertthm90.

An excerpt —

Another story told in the movie is how this girl was about to be destroyed by the evil guys only to find “the father” standing over her after she blacked out and he “saved her”. The father’s disk contains all the information about everything in the grid, so in a sense the father is omniscient. Clearly the father is a stand in for the Biblical God since he creates a whole universe and is omniscient (and by some of the actions he performs in the movie, he seems omnipotent as well). I don’t think the Christian parallels are all in my head.

There is some sketchy theology that occurs that might be in my head, though. The “real world” outside of the grid seems to be a symbol for heaven. If this is true, it presents a very interesting theological point.

Compare and contrast —

Woody and Buzz  from Christmas Day, 2010 —


Update of 8:55 PM — Related material from today's  Ghost Light weblog


See also today's New York midday lottery number, 596, as it appears in a search
for "legacy code" in this journal. It is China's code for its first nuclear test.

Today's evening New York number is less alarming — 401, suggesting the date
4/01 — i.e., April Fools' Day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday July 18, 2009

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$1 Million Humanities Prize
Goes to a Polish Philosopher

NY Times, Nov. 5, 2003

(Cf. Log24 on that date. an
    entry titled “Legacy Codes.”)

“God Owes Us Nothing”

— Title of a 1995 book by  
the Polish philosopher,
who died yesterday.

The book’s title may or may not
  be true– or even meaningful–
but some may feel that
we owe the dead philosopher
a worthy opponent.

The dead philosopher
and his opponent:


The Dead Philosopher

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His Opponent:

Jonathan Bennett on aleph-null as 'highest number'

     And that’s the way it is.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tuesday October 17, 2006

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To Measure
the Changes

(continued from
“The Legacy Codes,”
Nov. 5-6, 2003)

From this morning’s
New York Times:

The Emperor
of Math

Shing-Tung Yau
Rick Friedman for
The New York Times

The much-honored
Shing-Tung Yau

from the
Keystone State
on October 16:

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For interpretations
of 621, see 6/21’s
Beijing String and
Go with the Flow.

For an interpretation
of 596, see Wikipedia,
596 (nuclear test):

“596 is the codename of the
People’s Republic of China’s
first nuclear weapons test,
detonated on
October 16, 1964.”

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Related material:

“‘In China he is a movie star,’ said Ronnie Chan, a Hong Kong real estate developer and an old friend….  And last summer Dr. Yau played the part…. He ushered Stephen Hawking into the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square to kick off a meeting of some of the world’s leading physicists on string theory, and beamed as a poem he had written was performed by a music professor on the conference stage. It reads in part:
Beautiful indeed
is the source of truth.
To measure the changes
     of time and space
the smartest are nothing.”

The Emperor of Math

Thursday, November 6, 2003

Thursday November 6, 2003

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Legacy Codes:

The Most Violent Poem

Lore of the Manhattan Project:

From The Trinity Site

“I imagined Oppenheimer saying aloud,
‘Batter my heart, three person’d God,”
unexpectedly recalling John Donne’s ‘Holy Sonnet [14],’
and then he knew, ‘ “Trinity” will do.’
Memory has its reasons.

‘Batter my heart’ — I remember these words.
I first heard them on a fall day at Duke University in 1963.
Inside a classroom twelve of us were
seated around a long seminar table
listening to Reynolds Price recite this holy sonnet….

I remember Reynolds saying, slowly, carefully,
‘This is the most violent poem in the English language.’ ”

Related Entertainment

Today’s birthday:
director Mike Nichols

From a dead Righteous Brother:

“If you believe in forever
Then life is just a one-night stand.”

Bobby Hatfield, found dead
in his hotel room at
7 PM EST Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2003,
before a concert scheduled at
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo

From a review of The Matrix Revolutions:

“You’d have to be totally blind at the end
to miss the Christian symbolism….
Trinity gets a glimpse of heaven…. And in the end…
God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds.”

Moral of the

According to Chu Hsi [Zhu Xi],

“Li” is
“the principle or coherence
or order or pattern
underlying the cosmos.”

— Smith, Bol, Adler, and Wyatt,
Sung Dynasty Uses of the I Ching,
Princeton University Press, 1990

Related Non-Entertainment

Symmetry and a Trinity
(for the dotting-the-eye symbol above)

Introduction to Harmonic Analysis
(for musical and historical background)

Mathematical Proofs
(for the spirit of Western Michigan
University, Kalamazoo)

Moral of the

“Many kinds of entity
become easier to handle
by decomposing them into
components belonging to spaces
invariant under specified symmetries.”

The importance of
mathematical conceptualisation

by David Corfield,
Department of History and
Philosophy of Science,
University of Cambridge

See, too,
Symmetry of Walsh Functions and
Geometry of the I Ching.

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Wednesday November 5, 2003

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Legacy Codes

“In writing The Legacy Codes, the term itself became the play’s central metaphor. In newspaper accounts of the Wen Ho Lee case, the classified legacy codes which caused the uproar were described as computer simulations of plutonium explosions. The term is also used by computer experts for any archaic codes which are still necessary to run complex computer programs. For me the term can also be interpreted as the DNA genetic code, it can be interpreted as what is passed on in families regarding culture, family secrets, genetic traits. It also can relate to how people and institutions want to be remembered in the future.”

Playwright Cherylene Lee

The Legacy Codes opens at 7 tonight in Manhattan.

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