Monday, May 13, 2013

Game Show

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For the late Bob Stewart:

"She was a panelist on many game shows, including
'What’s My Line?' and 'The Hollywood Squares.'"

Translation Studies Continued:

See Cameron's Kernel and

Image-- The Three-Point Line: A Finite Projective Space
 (Click image for some background.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Game Theory

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Leading The New York Times  obituaries on the evening of
May 7th, 2012, was "Bob Stewart, Inventor of Game Shows"


From a publication linked to here on May 4th,
the reported date of Stewart's death—



For Eastern illusion involving a (presumably different)
"Bob Stewart," see this journal on May 7th six years ago.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Sunday May 7, 2006

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Bagombo Snuff Box
(in memory of
Burt Kerr Todd)

“Well, it may be the devil
or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to
serve somebody.”

— “Bob Dylan”
(pseudonym of Robert Zimmerman),
quoted by “Bob Stewart
on July 18, 2005

Bob Stewart” may or may not be the same person as “crankbuster,” author of the “Rectangular Array Theorem” or “RAT.”  This “theorem” is intended as a parody of the “Miracle Octad Generator,” or “MOG,” of R. T. Curtis.  (See the Usenet group sci.math, “Steven Cullinane is a Crank,” July 2005, messages 51-60.)

“Crankbuster” has registered at Math Forum as a teacher in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).   For a tall tale involving Ceylon, see the short story “Bagombo Snuff Box” in the book of the same title by Kurt Vonnegut, who has at times embodied– like Martin Gardner and “crankbuster“– “der Geist, der stets verneint.”

Here is my own version (given the alleged Ceylon background of “crankbuster”) of a Bagombo snuff box:

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